Don't Have Office Space At Home? Collaborative Work Spaces Could Be The Answer

Don't Have Office Space At Home? Collaborative Work Spaces Could Be The Answer

8:30am Sep 26, 2014
Flywheel is located in Wake Forest Innovation Quarter in downtown Winston-Salem. The company, which opened this summer, provides people 24/7 co-working space, where people can come together to collaborate on ideas and projects. Customers can rent office space for their needs.
photo courtesy of Flywheel

Winston-Salem has a new place for entrepreneurs and freelancers to work. It's called Flywheel. WFDD contributor Justin Catanoso writes about the concept of collaborative work spaces like Flywheel in his column this week in the Triad Business Journal.

According to a recent Gallup survey, about one-third of the U.S. employees operate outside the traditional confines of office towers, cubicles or factories. In other words, one in three American workers don’t have a traditional place to work.

“Collaborative work spaces like Flywheel are wide open. You can rent by the hour, you can rent by the day, you can rent by the month, but there is no commitment, so this is really the difference between the kind of space in traditional office space that we have for freelancers and these new collaborative work spaces,” says Catanoso.

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Justin Catanoso is director of the Journalism program at Wake Forest University and a regular contributor to 88.5 WFDD.

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