DMV Fees Set To Increase In July

DMV Fees Set To Increase In July

11:22am Jun 30, 2020

The onset of July will mean higher fees at the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles. 

State law requires that the state DMV adjust fees and rates every four years, based on changes in the annual Consumer Price Index.

According to a news release, about 90 license and registration fees will go up around 8 percent as of July 1. 

Residents will see a 50 cent per year increase for a regular driver's license, which can be issued for five or eight years.

The fee for regular private passenger vehicle registrations will go from $36 to $38.75. Registration fees for commercial vehicles, motorcycles, house trailers, and electric vehicles will also go up.  

North Carolina lawmakers mandated an increase for DMV fees in 2015, with adjustments for inflation every four years starting in 2020.

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