'Dixie Classic' May Remain The Name For 2019 Fair

'Dixie Classic' May Remain The Name For 2019 Fair

10:54am Apr 15, 2019
WFFD file photo by Paul Garber

Winston-Salem’s Dixie Classic Fair will retain its Southern-themed name for at least another year.

City officials say they want to hear from residents before they make a decision on whether to change the long-running name of the fair.

The Winston-Salem Journal reports that this comes after activists asked for a name change earlier this month. They argue that “Dixie Classic” evokes images of slavery and the Confederacy.

Council Member Denise D. "DD" Adams says she personally agrees with critics of the name, but that a variety of voices will need to be heard before a change is made.

She says that’s unlikely to happen in time to market a new name for the fair, which is held in the fall.

The fair is owned and operated by the City of Winston-Salem. Last year’s attendance topped 325,000 people.


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