District 6: No Clear Republican Winner

District 6: No Clear Republican Winner

12:57pm May 07, 2014
North Carolina voters will go back to the polls to select a Republican candidate for the U.S. Congressional District 6 seat.
Kathryn Mobley

There will be a Republican runoff for the 6th District U.S. Congressional seat. 

For 29 years, Republican Howard Coble held the 6th District seat until the 83-year-old retired last November. Nine republicans competed in the 2014 Primary, with two almost tying.  Phil Berger, Jr. of Eden pulled more than 6,000 votes while Marker Walker of Greensboro got almost 5,900. They’ll meet in a runoff July 15th.

Meanwhile, Democratic candidate Laura Fjeld beat party-mate Bruce Davis. She believes to make the federal system more effective, politicians need to funnel more resources behind one area. “I believe prioritizing education funding at all levels from pre-K through lifelong learning is critical to our long-term success here in the 6th District of North Carolina and throughout the country", explains Fjeld. "I believe the economy and job creation through innovation and education are inextricably linked.” Fjeld is the former general counsel for the University of North Carolina system. She captured more than 8,400 votes in Tuesday night’s primary. Fjeld says after a good night sleep, she’ll be back on the campaign trail for the November 4th, General Election.

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