A Different View on Family Planning

A Different View on Family Planning

9:49am Mar 24, 2014
Caroline Li ponders the family and social pressures on women to have children.
Lopa Shah

Having children is not a given for some women.

In the United States, a growing number of American women are not having children. In 1976, 10% of women reached the age of 44 and were child-free. By 2008, that number increased to 18%.

Reynolds High School junior Caroline Li is trying to decide if she wants to have children. She's participating in Radio 101, WFDD's high school education program. She worked with Radio 101 instructor Lopa Shah and WFDD senior producer Kathryn Mobley. Greg Keener is WFDD's Education Initiative Coordinator.

In this report, Li investigates what causes some women to willingly not have children as she ponders her options.

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