David McLean of the King's English Speaks on Advertising

David McLean of the King's English Speaks on Advertising

3:50pm Jul 29, 2013
Radio Camper Zakia Motown interviews advertising guru David McLean, owner of the King's English

When you think about advertising, you might think about silly cartoons and jingles. David McLean thinks about words, pictures, and ideas.

David is the owner of King's English in Greensboro, and he recently took time out of his busy schedule to speak with WFDD Radio Camper Zakia Motown about his work.


Rushing after a long meeting, David McLean flew through the doors of the Cultural Art Center. He came to answer some questions about his full time advertising and public relations firm. David has been the owner of King's English for almost 19 years. One would think you would learn a few things over those years. So I asked him.

I’ve learned that I have to continue to keep learning and I’ve learned that in our business, you have to continually try to think young, is where it needs to go to for solutions. Now, with so much of our work in social media, we need to be very aware of what’s happening.

Mr. McLean told me about all the fun King's English employees had working on his favorite project. That advertisement was about rugs.

I’d have to say it was for a company in Eden, a store that sells Karastan rugs. We designed a campaign called “carry home a Karastan” because you had to go a long way to get this rug, it was about a 45 minute drive from this area. [We] developed a jingle and a television spot to go with it. All the advertising matched it. It was a lot of fun because we covered all the media with it.

David McLean is currently working on an advertisement, website, branding, and photography for a company that is about to introduce a natural soap called South of France.

For WFDD Radio Camp, I’m Zakia Motown.

For more information on the King's English, visit their website.