Covering Camel City: A Conversation With Chad Nance

Covering Camel City: A Conversation With Chad Nance

12:32pm Jul 29, 2014
Radio Camper Alex Gaither interviews Chad Nance
Molly Davis


Chad Nance is the editor and chief and co-founder of the news website Camel City Dispatch. Radio camper Alexander Gaither talked to Chad about working at Camel City Dispatch. 


I met Chad for the interview on a bright, cloudless, day on the Wake Forest campus. Chad was wearing a Camel City Dispatch T-shirt, close-toed shoes, and a gigantic smile, obviously excited for the interview. I first asked him about which of his stories he finds the most fascinating.   

The stuff I like to report on - that I actually find entertaining and find a little more interesting is, opposed to the politics because that’s no fun - is doing crime reporting.

Yeah, you get these interesting subcultures of people and things that you just don’t learn about and the height of human drama is often a crime or a tragedy. It’s not that I enjoy those things, but A, they’re important, and B, they’re human. That’s where humanity is tested.  

I asked Chad several questions about his work at Camel City Dispatch, including his political standpoint, how he got started, and why he chose CCD.


When we started CCD, I’d been a journalist since I was in high school. I covered sports for the Mt. Airy newspaper, The King newspaper that doesn’t exist anymore, and the Pilot. I’d been doing journalism ever since in one form or another, and – I’d been doing national journalism - when I returned home to Winston-Salem, which is my hometown, my partner and I – she and I - decided that we wanted to create something different here. And it was a 21st century way of getting your news, which is online, and not necessarily in a newspaper or a magazine. 

To see Chad’s written interviews and more, visit the Camel City Dispatch website and search “Chad Nance”.

For 88.5 WFDD Radio Camp, I’m Alexander Gaither.