Court Tosses Some Laws Limiting Gov. Cooper's Powers

Court Tosses Some Laws Limiting Gov. Cooper's Powers

9:04am Mar 20, 2017
N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper/Credit:

A showdown between the legislature and Governor Roy Cooper over his executive powers ended in a split decision as a panel of state judges tried to reach a proper balance.

The GOP-led General Assembly passed a series of laws limiting Cooper’s powers shortly before he was sworn in Jan. 1st. Judges have now found some of those laws unconstitutional.

That includes attempts to constrict his ability to run elections. Also tossed was a law that tied Cooper’s hands in hiring by giving job protections to hundreds of  workers appointed by his predecessor, Republican Pat McCrory.

But the court also upheld a law subjecting Cooper’s cabinet secretaries to approval by a majority of the state Senate.

Attorneys for General Assembly leaders argued the new measures were warranted because the state constitution gives the legislature prominence over the other branches of government.

Cooper’s attorneys countered that the legislation skewed that balance of power too much and made it difficult for the governor to carry out his duties.

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