Cooper Signs Orders To Help Gasoline Supply

Cooper Signs Orders To Help Gasoline Supply

11:41am Sep 01, 2017
Photo: Wikimedia contributor Anthony Inswasty for Creative Commons,

Governor Roy Cooper has taken action to keep gasoline flowing to North Carolina, and make sure motorists don’t get ripped off at the pump.

The governor on Thursday signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency to temporarily ease size and weight restrictions for trucks carrying gasoline through North Carolina. It also waives a cap on the maximum hours of service for fuel vehicles.  The order helps gasoline move through the state more easily and quickly in response to problems caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Another executive order institutes the state's price gouging law against overcharging during a crisis. That will be in effect for the next 45 days.

Gas prices in the Triad had begun to rise following the destruction caused by Harvey. Then on Thursday, Colonial Pipeline had announced it was temporarily shutting down a main line that supplies 40 percent of the South’s gasoline.

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