A Conversation With Susan Rice

A Conversation With Susan Rice

3:28pm Nov 19, 2019
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US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice speaks to the media. Her new memoir is called "Tough Love."
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Former national security adviser and U.N. ambassador Susan Rice isn’t done talking about President Trump. And it seems President Trump isn’t done talking about her.

After Rice criticized the president’s foreign policy in Iraq and Syria, saying “it’s going nowhere good” in an interview, the president responded on Twitter.

So of course, we’re eager to hear from her about what she thinks of the impeachment inquiry.

And as for a future political career?

She told a columnist at The Boston Globe that “I have not ruled out serving again in some capacity whether appointed or elected.”

We talk with Susan Rice about her memoir “Tough Love,” impeachment and her future plans.

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Ambassador Susan Rice, Former National Security Advisor; former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations; Distinguished Visiting Research Fellow at American University; author of ‘Tough Love: My Story of the Things Worth Fighting For;’ @AmbassadorRice

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