Committee Recommends City Reconsider Name Of Dixie Classic Fair

Committee Recommends City Reconsider Name Of Dixie Classic Fair

5:26pm Jun 10, 2019
Members of the Fair Planning Committee discuss the city's survey results during a meeting on June 10, 2019. KERI BROWN/WFDD

The Dixie Classic Fair in Winston-Salem is one step closer to getting a new name. The fair planning committee voted unanimously to recommend that the city reconsider the event's name. It also wants more time to discuss what that would be, if city council approves the change.

The panel reviewed a breakdown of public input collected from several sources.

More than 11,000 thousand people participated. A majority said they wanted to keep the name.

Some people say “Dixie Classic” evokes images of slavery and the Confederacy.

But supporters say it’s not offensive and is used in well-known brand names.

Committee member Karen McHugh says it was a tough decision, but she feels changing the name is best for the fair’s future.

“If we want people to be moving here, if we want to be a modern, progressive city, a city of arts and innovation, to take something like this that’s family oriented, that’s community oriented and kind of move it along to keep up with the rest of the times, I think is really important as a city,” says McHugh.

The Dixie Classic name has been used for the fair since 1956. The planning committee has not yet recommended a new name. Members want more time and resources from city leaders for this process.

City Council will vote on the issue in August. The change would go into effect next year.

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