Cheerwine Celebrates 100 Sweet Years

Cheerwine Celebrates 100 Sweet Years

3:55pm May 17, 2017
Cheerwine cans through the years. Photo credit courtesy of Cheerwine.

Cheerwine, a favorite Southern soda, has been made in Salisbury, North Carolina for a century now.

The beverage was invented by Lewis D. Peeler in 1917. He’d previously been making a cola, and was looking to craft something new.  

But during World War I, there was a shortage of sugar. So, when he turned to cherries as an alternative sweetener, Cheerwine was born.

Producing the soda has remained a family business. Peeler’s great-grandson, Cliff Ritchie, is currently CEO of the company.

While keeping roots in North Carolina, they’ve expanded their distribution across the South into 15 states. But according to the Winston-Salem Journal, all of the concentrated Cheerwine syrup is still made in Salisbury.

The Centennial Celebration is open to the public and takes place this Saturday in downtown Salisbury.

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