CEO Jane Simpson Describes the Davie Community Foundation

CEO Jane Simpson Describes the Davie Community Foundation

2:46pm Aug 05, 2013
WFDD Radio Camper Matthew Coffey chats with CEO Jane Simpson


   The Davie Community Foundation is a group that helps other non-profit organizations with endowments. WFDD Radio Camper Matthew Coffey sat down with Jane Simpson, the CEO of the Davie County Foundation to talk about her interaction with a local family and her personal life.


I recently met with Jane Simpson, the CEO of the Davie Community Foundation for a short interview. She sat next to me in a pink floral blazer and white pants. The Davie Community Foundation was established in the December of 1988 and its purpose was to manage the endowments that benefit Davie County people and organizations. I ask about the projects she has worked on.

One that I think of is a family that had a baby that was terminal. They only had the baby for a short period of time and they knew that was going to be. They wanted to be able to take their children (they had two other healthy children) somewhere together. We were able to give the organization helping them a grant to rent a van where they could have all their children and take them somewhere, kind of like a "Make a Wish" type of thing… Take them all on a trip and spend time as a family before they lost that baby.

I thought that she would be a very busy person, so I asked her to tell me how she balances the demands of her job to her personal life.

All of my children are grown so it’s easier. I have a wonderful husband who is very understanding and knows how to cook! And so, I have the ability to be gone.. I have to be gone a lot of evenings. It is an intricate balance, but he understands that I have a real passion for what I do, so he is very supportive.

End: I enjoyed the conversations I had with Jane Simpson. As CEO, she has taken the foundation from $200,000 to $11 million dollars and has made the Davie Community Foundation the go to place for endowment information. In all, Jane Simpson has had a great impact on the Davie County Community.