Revenue declines brought on by the pandemic have put many state projects on hold, including some roadwork.  A WFDD listener was wondering about one of these. She asked a Carolina Curious question about the status of the first phase of the Winston-Salem Loop.

Pat Ivey, with the North Carolina Department of Transportation, says the loop project, which is the first segment of the beltway from Salem Parkway to U.S. 158, has been delayed, but not because of the pandemic.

"Mainly because of weather, issues with the contractor, and different things like that. It should have opened earlier this year," said Ivey. "But we did have some issues that we're trying to work through on that project and they're almost finished with those.”

Ivey says the loop is now scheduled to open early this fall. The pandemic has affected other projects though, including the widening of U.S. 158. That's been delayed six months to January of next year, and it could be pushed back further if the money needed still isn't available. 

The department lost more than $300 million in revenue due to COVID-19 this fiscal year. That's led to widespread layoffs and other cuts.

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