Business 40 Renovation Schedule Begins To Emerge

Business 40 Renovation Schedule Begins To Emerge

10:30am May 01, 2015

Details are starting to emerge on the work schedule for renovations being made to Business 40 in Winston-Salem. It's anticipated to be a four-year project.


The $80 million dollar project involves two major phases. One is the replacement of the Peters Creek Parkway interchange with a more modern design. That's expected to be completed early in 2018.

The other phase is the revamping of Business 40 between that interchange and the approaches to U.S. 52 on the east.

Pat Ivey is an engineer with the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Ivey tells the Winston-Salem Journal he expects an eventual road closure of at least two years, with drivers being rerouted to Peters Creek Parkway.

Most of the areas along Business 40 eligible for noise walls will get them.

Still undecided is what kind of cosmetic improvements will be made to make the freeway a more attractive gateway to the city.

Contracts for the renovations will be awarded in July.



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