Bryan Ledbetter: Designing Success

Bryan Ledbetter: Designing Success

1:54pm Aug 16, 2013
Radio Camper Willy talks to Bryan Ledbetter
Molly Davis-WFDD


Bryan Ledbetter is the owner of Airtype Studios and founder of Camel City Goods. Airtype Studios is a graphic designing company with merchandise such as clothing, insulated cup holders, and stickers.  Brian has been CFO, designer, and developer there and he shared his thoughts on his career with WFDD Radio camper Willy Brandt.



When I saw Bryan he was wearing a Camel City Goods t-shirt with a cool mustache, and a mohawk. He also gave me merchandise from Airtype Studios and Camel City Goods. I ask him if graphic design is a competitive field.


Yes, OK, so the first thing you do is sit down with the client  and you try and figure out what the  message they want to have in the ad is and who they are trying to reach. And then you go through the creative process, you start mocking up designs, then you go through revisions. And once it's finalized and signed off you send it off to the magazine and all the world for it to see.

He was very artistic and he liked drawing when he was young but never thought he'd be a graphic designer. That changed when he got older.

I was very nervous when I started my company. I didn’t have much money to my name and I was married with a child. It was very scary, sometimes you just have to take big risks. And so far it's paid off.

Bryan said that an average day at Airtype Studios is wake up at 10, play foosball, and work on the computers. If you want to find out more about Bryan visit


For WFDD Radio Camp, I am Willy Brandt.