Bond Between Donkey, Emu May Make Adoption Difficult

Bond Between Donkey, Emu May Make Adoption Difficult

11:21am Nov 08, 2018
This mule and emu enjoy each other's company at a shelter near Charlotte. Image courtesy Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

Available to a good home: one male donkey, slightly neurotic. New owner must also be willing to accommodate one female emu. 

It turns out the unlikely pair can barely stand to be separated from each other. The Charlotte Observer reports the two were rescued from Kershaw, South Carolina, after their owner suddenly vanished last week. 

Jennifer Gordon is with Carolina Waterfowl Rescue. She says the shelter tried separating the orphans, but the donkey started crying and the emu became "frantic." The pair cuddle and sleep together, and the donkey has shown little interest in hanging out with his four-legged brethren. 

Gordon says someone will need to adopt both animals, and "that may not be easy," so the shelter plans on housing the couple together indefinitely. 

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