According to the National Weather Service, at 3:20 p.m. EDT today, the Autumnal Equinox (the moment when the length of daylight and darkness are almost perfectly equal) occurs.

And with it? The official* start of fall in the Northern Hemisphere.

*If you are a human that follows the Starbucks calendar, PSL (and thus fall) season started in August.

In celebration of this season ahead, we've gathered some resources for a safe and enjoyable autumn.

Making the most of the changing weather

Colder temps in much of the U.S. means outdoor socializing gets a bit more challenging. But it also means more time for cozying up and binge watching all the new shows and movies.

Update your "To Watch" list with this guide (which you can filter by streaming service) from the Pop Culture Happy Hour crew.

Plus, brush up on staying warm while socializing outside with Life Kit.

Season-specific adventures

Speaking of seasonal changes — if you're planning an adventure to enjoy the peak fall foliage in your region —check out this great map Smithsonian Magazine shared with county-by-county updates of when to expect the most beautiful colors in your area.

Before you go: Here's a refresher on why leaves change colors at all from Short Wave.

And we cannot forget the food of fall. If you're looking to enjoy the best apple cider doughnuts near you, consult Alex Schwartz' map! He's on a "life-long mission to try every cider donut" and shares reviews on Instagram at @ciderdonuteur.

If you're new to cider doughnuts, check out their origin story, here.

And if you prefer your cider in liquid form, it's worth checking out this story from the archives on its resurgence as an "adult" beverage.

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