An Audio Postcard From A Columbus Barbershop

An Audio Postcard From A Columbus Barbershop

9:19am May 08, 2015
Peter gets a hair cut from Jim Morris in Columbus, Ohio. (Peter O'Dowd)

Here & Now’s Peter O’Dowd is retracing part of the route that Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train took 150 years ago. The train was carrying the body of the late president and was making its way to Springfield, Illinois from Washington, D.C.

Peter is reporting on Lincoln’s legacy in some of the communities along that route. Yesterday he reported on race relations in Cleveland, and spoke with the mother of Tamir Rice. Today, he’s taking a break on Jim Morris’s barber seat at The Mug & Brush in Columbus, Ohio. Lincoln’s funeral train made a stop in Columbus on April 29, 1865.

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