Census figures from the American Community Survey revealed population growth in the Triad, both in major cities as well as surrounding suburbs, in the last decade.

In places like Clemmons, Kernersville, and Summerfield, median household incomes also rose during that time. But in Jamestown, median household incomes from 2019 were down more than 20 percent. 

Rebecca Rayborn, a Jamestown town council member, has a theory about that. She says the town expanded its boundaries, leading to population growth but also a drop in incomes.

“We actually annexed an area that had several apartment buildings,” she says. “I don't know personally what the folks in these apartment buildings make, generally they would be younger, smaller families and that type of thing, so I would assume their incomes probably would be lower than the general population.”

In all, Jamestown grew by almost 800 residents in the previous decade. Winston-Salem, Greensboro and many of the surrounding suburbs grew at a rate of about 10 percent.

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