Another Winter Blast? Probably Not.

Another Winter Blast? Probably Not.

11:59am Mar 24, 2014
Steve Biddle

Late last week, the buzz began. People started talking about another snow storm approaching the Piedmont. Even though it's been spring for a few days now, winter was going to get in one more punch before packing its bags and heading for the Southern Hemisphere.

So, are we going to get another icy blast?

"In one word -- no," says Mike Strickler, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Raleigh.

"It does look like winter will return to some degree," Strickler continues, "But as far as a significant winter storm for any of central North Carolina, that looks very unlikely. In fact, not a whole lot of any type of precipitation is going to occur. We will have a little bit of light snow likely develop very late tonight as a strong upper-level disturbance dives across the Blue Ridge. So we could have, again, a little bit of light snow breaking  out sometime right before daybreak over the northwest Piedmont, and a little bit of light snow could continue through, oh, say 8 a.m. or 9 a.m., although increasingly mixed with rain by that time, before changing over to all rain by mid- to late morning."

Strickler says temperatures will drop, with a high tomorrow only about 45 degrees, and lows in the 20's, but about the most in the way of winter weather we can expect is maybe a light dusting of snow. Still, though, it might seem a bit like winter, particularly following the mild spring temperatures of the past weekend.

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