Alcohol Now Being Served in Rockingham County

Alcohol Now Being Served in Rockingham County

12:59pm May 07, 2014
During the 2014 Primary, Rockingham County voters approved two liquor referendums that allow mixed drink sales and the operation of ABC stores.
Kathryn Mobley

Alcohol can now be sold in Rockingham County.

Tuesday night, voters approved two referendums. One allows the sale of mixed beverages in hotels, restaurants, private clubs, community theatres and convention centers. More than 5,200 residents were in favor.  

The second referendum allows the operation of ABC stores in the county. It captured almost 5,600 votes.County commissioners put the measures on the ballot because they believe it will spark new economic development in the southern part of the county around highways 220 and 68.  With the passage of both referendums, they go into effect immediately. 

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