On The Air with Tim Bickford

On The Air with Tim Bickford

10:47am Aug 16, 2013
Radio Camper Gus with Tim Bickford
Molly Davis-WFDD


Tim Bickford is a broadcast producer for the International Management Group or IMG which is a global sports and media business based in New York City. He has a degree in Broadcast Journalism and works full time at IMG.


WFDD radio camper Gus Witt  recently interviewed Tim.



Tim approached me with a shirt and tie and a smile on his face. He looked quite young and he also looked very tired. We found some green chairs in front of Reynolda Hall on the Wake Forest University campus and started talking. I asked him about his role in IMG and if IMG was just a broadcasting company.

IMG is more than just broadcasting and IMG College is more than just broadcasting, but I work in the audio division, or the radio division of IMG College.  What I deal with is specifically radio and broadcasting.

I also asked if he had any advice for people who are wanting to start radio announcing.

As far as being on air, just practice a lot and to do a lot of tapes, which is just take your own recorder and record yourself reading a script and get somebody else to listen to it and have them tell you what they think you can do better... and do that over and over and over again. And really the most important thing is to be comfortable on air.

Finally, I asked if he had any advice for people preparing for broadcast producing as a job.

Definitely important to get an education and to have experience, maybe at student radio stations or smaller radio stations where you can learn and where you can make mistakes and they are not big time mistakes.


Tim plans to stay at IMG for the next few years but might move on to a different broadcasting group. He also plans to broadcast in the New York area to be close to friends and family.


For WFDD Radio Camp, I am Gus Witt.