After Pushback, PTI Airport Open To Name Suggestions

After Pushback, PTI Airport Open To Name Suggestions

4:50pm Jan 12, 2018
Airport officials say they will consider ideas from the public during its rebranding process. The final decision on the name change could take several months. (Courtesy: Piedmont Triad Airport Authority)

As of Friday, nearly 6,000 residents have signed an online petition against changing the name of Piedmont Triad International Airport.

Officials voted to begin the rebranding process last month. The airport authority said the new name would be the “Central North Carolina International Airport.”

Supporters say it will provide a better idea of where the airport is located and help make it more competitive in attracting economic development. But some local residents don’t like it. They’re upset that public input wasn’t part of the decision, and they say it’s unnecessary.

PTI Executive Director Kevin Baker says he was surprised by the reaction.

"Knowing the high level interest some of the public has, the authority has said it will entertain ideas as we go through this branding process that still meets the goal of having a geographic tie to it,” he says.

The name change was set to take effect on January 1, 2018. Baker says signs and other references to PTI will remain in tact until the process is completed.

The airport authority will meet again on January 23.

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