The African American Atelier, Inc.

The African American Atelier, Inc.

11:36am Jul 29, 2013
Radio Camper Chloe White intently works on editing her news story.

The definition of “atelier” is “workshop or studio”, but the African American Atelier in the Cultural Arts Center in downtown Greensboro is much more than that. WFDD radio camper Chloe White recently sat down with Gallery Assistant Manager Loumecia Koonce.


When I first saw Loumecia Koonce, I could tell she was a very optimistic person. As I walked up to her, a big warm grin spread across her face. I wondered what inspired her to be in this position?

What inspired me to be in this position was to learn with more about the arts community here in Greensboro and to be involved in non-profit organizations.

Loumecia had a wealth of information about the African American Atelier and she seemed like a natural teacher. I wondered if she offered any art programs, and if so what they might include?

You can come in and take art programs. If you’d like to, you can come here we have an art after  school program that we do in the community. We offer what we call Saturday Enrichment Workshops for kids, where you can come in on Saturdays and it’s free to do workshops.

Another draw for Loumecia was the variety of African American art on display at the Atelier.

We showcase original art by the artist. In the last year we had six exhibitions. We did a solo exhibition, for example by a Raleigh artist. His name is Eric McRay.

You can visit the African American Atelier at 200 North Davie St. 2nd floor. Their new exhibit, The Barning Tree opens on Sunday afternoon, August 18th at 3 pm.

For WFDD Radio Camp, this is Chloe White.

For more information on the African American Atelier, Inc., visit their website.