Adam Hurt at Muddy Creek February 26

Adam Hurt at Muddy Creek February 26

6:55pm Feb 05, 2017

We're happy to co-sponsor acclaimed banjoist and fiddler Adam Hurt for a performance at Muddy Creek Music Hall in Winston-Salem, NC on Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 2PM.  We invite you to come out and be part of our audience for this show which we'll be recording for excerpting in later broadcasts. 

Adam became fascinated as a teenager by the accurate, rhythmic yet melodic clawhammer style of banjo playing perhaps best represented in the latter 20th century by the late Kyle Creed of Galax, Virginia.  He focused intently on the technique, becoming unusually adept at picking out notes in the down-stroking clawhammer manner while maintaining an uncommonly rich, pleasant tone.  He's gone on to adapt hundreds of fiddle tunes to his compelling style, and he's developed an international teaching business using internet technology. 

Adam Hurt is also a fine fiddler and keyboardist.  At his Muddy Creek show, he'll be backed up by a superb band consisting of guitarist Beth Williams Hartness, Carl Jones and Marshall Wilborn. This is the core group on his latest album, Artifacts, which brings the banjo fully to the front of the band on a collection of fiddle tunes. 

We hope you'll make it out to Muddy Creek on Sunday, February 26. And bring a friend!  If you can't, check by our website for news of when we'll broadcast excerpts from the show. 

-- Paul Brown