Across The Blue Ridge - Episode 3 (A California-based Music Documenter, and Some Great Tunes for Dancing)

Across The Blue Ridge - Episode 3 (A California-based Music Documenter, and Some Great Tunes for Dancing)

1:29pm Jan 15, 2016
Across the Blue Ridge host Paul Brown (left) with musician and documenter David Bragger at Bragger’s Los Angeles home.
Photo: Lisa Bragger

The allure of traditional southern music has spread across the U.S. and around the world. Case in point: David Bragger is a Los Angeles audio-video producer and musician. He’s energetically documenting performers of music with southern American roots. In a visit with Across the Blue Ridge host Paul Brown, he explains how he’s come to be so taken up with music of the southeastern U.S., and we hear some of what he’s recorded of other performers at his home studio. Also on the show: some classic old-time and bluegrass songs from current and past performers; and a selection of powerful fiddle tunes for dancing.

Episode 3 Playlist

1.         Mountain Rosalee -- Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys
            Album: Lonesome & Blue

2.         Careless Love – Harry & Jeanie West
            Album: Good Old Mountain Dew: Banjo Songs of the Southern Mountains

3.         New Patches – The Lynn Morris Band
            Album: The Bramble & The Rose

4.         The Dying Solder – Ann Porcella
            Album: Gathering Stones

5.         Momma Don’t Allow – Irvin Cook & Leonard Bowles
            Album:  Black Banjo Songsters of North Carolina & Virginia

6.         Poor Ellen Smith – Tommy Jarrell
            Album: Come & Go With Me: Tommy Jarrell’s Banjo Album

7.         Yonder Come Day – Bessie Jones
            Alan Lomax recording

8.         Pretty Polly – E.C. Ball
            Alan Lomax recording

9.         Ladies Fancy – Rafe & Clelia Stefanini
            Album – Rafe & Clelia Stefanini, Old Time Tiki Parlor

10.       Poor Rosy – Dan Gellert
            Album – Dan Gellert, Old Time Tiki Parlor

11.       Rainy Day – Eric & Suzy Thompson
            Album – Eric & Suzy Thompson, Old Time Tiki Parlor

12.       Dusty Miller – Joe Greene
            Album – Joe Greene’s Fiddle Album

13.       Hop Light Ladies – Norman Edmonds & The Old Timers
            Album – Field Recorders Collective: Norman Edmonds & Old Timers  V.1

14.       Nine Mile – Gene Goforth
            Album—Traditional Fiddle Music of the Ozarks Vol. 1

15.       Honeysuckle Blues – Pate & Leroy Martin
            Album – WPAQ: The Voice of the Blue Ridge Mountains

16.       Paddy on the Turnpike – Scott Prouty
           Album – No Corn on Tygart