Across The Blue Ridge - Episode 1 (Breaking Up Christmas)

Across The Blue Ridge - Episode 1 (Breaking Up Christmas)

7:36pm Jan 02, 2016
Across the Blue Ridge host Paul Brown, right, with North Carolina master fiddler Tommy Jarrell, one of the key figures in this week’s Breaking Up Christmas segment. Pastel by Willard Gayheart.
Willard Gayheart

Across the Blue Ridge returns to WFDD with a fun-filled tour of the Breaking Up Christmas holiday party tradition in northwest North Carolina and southwest Virginia.  Host Paul Brown draws from his well-loved 1996 NPR music documentary including fascinating field interviews and intense music from Christmas dance parties. We also hear some new insights into the history of square dance calling from dance leader and researcher Phil Jamison, the author of Hoedowns, Reels & Frolics: Roots and Branches of Southern Appalachian Dance.  Also on the show this week … gospel music and its connections to blues and country … women performers in bluegrass and country music … and bluegrass and traditional music today in California, far across the Blue Ridge!

Episode 1 Playlist

  1. On the Move – Jason Carter
    Album – Jason Carter On the Move

  2. Breaking Up Christmas – Benny Jarrell
    Album – Lady of the Lake

  3. Breaking Up Christmas – Tommy Jarrell
    Album – June Apple

  4. Breaking Up Christmas – Benton Flippen
    Album – Benton Flippen, Old Time New Times

  5. Breaking Up Christmas – Paul Brown
    Field Recording

  6. Tom and Jerry – Uncle Dave Macon
    Album – Uncle Dave Macon, Go Long Mule

  7. Old Corn Liquor – Joe Thompson
    Album – Family Tradition
    BREAK 1

  8. These Bones Gonna Rise Again – Larry Sigmon & Barbara Poole
    Album – Unique Sound of the Mountains #10 These Bones Gonna Rise Again

  9. I Believe in the Old Time Way – True Life Travelers
    Source – Across the Blue Ridge field recording

  10. God Is Great – The RC Gospel Singers
    Source – Across the Blue Ridge field recording

  11. Move It On Over – Hank Williams
    Album – I Ain’t Got Nothin’ But Time

  12. Ocean of Diamonds – Jimmy Martin & the Sunny Mountain Boys
    Album – You Don’t Know My Mind

  13. Foggy Mountain Special – Earl Scruggs
    Album – Flatt & Scruggs Foggy Mountain Jamboree
    BREAK 2

  14. Frankie Silvers – The Happy Valley Pals
    Album – Happy Valley Pals

  15. The Cyclone of Rye Cove – Carol Elizabeth Jones & Laurel Bliss
    Album – Ridin’ Along

  16. Tall Pines – Laurie Lewis
    Album – Laurie Lewis & Her Bluegrass Pals

  17. Legend of the Johnson Boys – Loafer’s Glory
    Album – Loafer’s Glory

  18. Brushy Run – Art Stamper
    Album – Goodbye Girls, I’m Going to Boston