This week we have another great summer listening session featuring roots music artists from across the mountain south and beyond.  From West Virginia, Ben Townsend and friends bring us a couple of haunting songs from Ben's Deep End Sessions album.  We also hear from The Stuart Brothers, Travis and Trevor. Their new recording of fiddle and banjo tunes is out following Trevor's untimely death at the age of 47.  But David Bragger captured them at their best, playing perhaps as only twin brothers can, with an ease and complexity that might elude others.  Janet Beazley, Rhiannon Giddens, Bruce Greene and E.C. and Orna Ball are among this week's singers, presenting a compelling succession of blues, old time mountain, and bluegrass-style songs. 


  1. Wild Geese At Flight
    The Bucking Mules
    Smoke Behind the Clouds
  2. Pretty Crowing Chicken
    Ben Townsend
    Ben Townsend and Friends
  3. Lift Him Up, That's All
    Ben Townsend
    Ben Townsend and Friends
  4. Fast Air
    Zoe & Cloyd
    Eyes Brand New
  5. Frontier Waltz
    Zoe & Cloyd
    Eyes Brand New
  6. Rolling River
    Gribble, Lusk & York
    Southern Journey Vol. 1
  7. Break 1 - Road To Columus
    Brandon Lee Adams
    Hardest Kind Of Memories
  8. Polly Put The Kettle On
    Trevor & Travis Stuart
    The Stuart Brothers
  9. Henry King's Reel
    Trevor & Travis Stuart
    The Stuart Brothers
  10. New Five Cents
    Trevor & Travis Stuart
    The Stuart Brothers
  11. Earl's Breakdown
    Flatt & Scruggs
    Flatt & Scruggs 1948-59 V. 2
  12. The Cabin In The Valley
    E.C. & Orna Ball
    E.C. Ball With Orna Ball
  13. Rambling Gambler
    Carl Jones
    Sweet Memories Never Leave
  14. Break 2 - Lazy Kate
    Harry Bolick & Friends
    Mississippi Fiddle Tunes & Songs From The 1930s
  15. Every Time You Say Goodbye
    Alison Krauss
    Now That I've Found You
  16. Run Away, Sally Ann
    Janet Beazley
    5 South
  17. The Angels Laid Him Away
    Rhiannon Giddens
    Freedom Highway
  18. A Story Most Lonely I'll Tell
    Bruce Greene
    River In Time
  19. Walk Right In Belmont
    Peter Honig & David Howard
    We's Too Little

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