North Carolina elections officials have documented 15 incidences of voter intimidation or harassment since the start of the early voting period.

During an Election eve press conference, state elections Executive Director Karen Brinson Bell said one incident was particularly alarming. 

“We did have a situation in another county where a one-stop worker was followed from the voting site to the elections office and then followed to their home," said Brinson Bell. "This is possibly the most egregious situation that we've had at this point in time, but none of this is okay.”

That incident took place in Columbus County. She said overall, the number of harassment cases this year is pretty much in line with prior elections. But she said the political rhetoric leading to the midterms has changed the way poll workers have prepared for this election.  

“We are prepared in a way for scenarios that we would not have thought of years ago," said Brinson Bell. "We have not been immune to threats and harassment and hostility towards election officials. And that's not just towards me, that's towards workers and county election officials." 

Brinson Bell says they will investigate any intimidation incidents and may refer cases to law enforcement. 

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