10 Things to Know for Tuesday, April 8, 2014

10 Things to Know for Tuesday, April 8, 2014

8:21am Apr 08, 2014

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today:

1. SEARCH FOR PLANE HINGES ON HOW IT HIT THE WATER  Possible scenarios depend on angle and speed with which MH 370 could have speared into the sea.  MALAYSIA-PLANE-HITTING THE WATER

2. UKRAINE NO STRANGER TO BIG POWER POLITICS  Kiev's new government wants to avoid Cold War tactics between the West and Russia by having its say about its own future.   UKRAINE-TRAPPED BETWEEN POWERS

3. NAPIER BRINGS UCONN SECOND NCAA TITLE IN 4 YEARS  The Huskies beat Kentucky's Wildcats 60-54 only one year after being barred from March Madness because of academic problems.   NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP

4. WHO'S WAITING FOR THEIR NEW RIGHTS TO KICK IN  In Egypt, women wonder whether greater freedoms enshrined in the new constitution will be implemented_while violence against them rises.   EGYPT-WOMEN'S RIGHTS

5. U.S. DEFENSE CHIEF, CHINESE COUNTERPART FACE OFF  Chuck Hagel says China doesn't have the right to unilaterally establish an air defense zone over islands controlled by Japan.   HAGEL-CHINA

6. HOW THE BLIND AND DEAF MAY SEARCH THE WEB  New technology and a federally funded program are helping low-income individuals who can't see and hear access the Internet.   DEAF-BLIND TECHNOLOGY

7. USAID CHIEF TO FACE QUESTIONS ON 'CUBAN TWITTER'  Senate lawmakers will question the nation's international-aid agency about a secret, U.S.-backed social media network built to stir unrest in Cuba.   SECRET CUBAN TWITTER HEARINGS

8. MICROSOFT ENDING SUPPORT FOR WINDOWS XP  Mayhem might result. An estimated 30 percent of computers used by businesses and consumers around the world are still running the 12-year-old operating system.   MICROSOFT-THE END OF XP

9. WHICH STATE MAY OFFER MEXICAN-AMERICAN STUDIES  Proponents say Texas students would get a deeper understanding of their home; critics call it an attempt to inject progressive politics into the classroom.   TEXAS-MEXICAN-AMERICAN STUDIES

10. FEWER LIMES ALOFT  A recent shortage and spike in price has caused some airlines — for now — to stop offering the fruit in their beverage service.   AIRLINES-LIMES

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