10 Things to Know for Thursday, March 27, 2014

10 Things to Know for Thursday, March 27, 2014

8:22am Mar 27, 2014
Satellite image taken by a Thai satellite on March 24th, and released today by the Thai government.
Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency of Thailand's Ministry of Science and technology

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1. THAI SATELLITE SPOTS 300 OBJECTS IN INDIAN OCEAN  A Thai official says the images were taken Monday and that the objects were about 125 miles from the area where a French satellite spotted 122 objects on Sunday.   MALAYSIA-PLANE-THAILAND

2. OBAMA LOOKING FOR KINDRED SPIRIT IN POPE  When the president visits with Francis, he'll find a pontiff that agrees with his vision on economic equality but at odds on contraception in the U.S. health care law.   OBAMA

3. FOOTBALL PLAYERS AT NORTHWESTERN CAN UNIONIZE  A federal agency's decision could revolutionize college sports — raising the possibility of salaries for student-athletes, along with such things as labor strikes and lockouts.   COLLEGE ATHLETES-UNION

4. WHY PEOPLE ARE MOVING WEST OF THE MISSISSIPPI  America's energy boom is fueling population growth in or near the oil- and gas-rich fields of the Great Plains and Mountain West.   CENSUS-ENERGY BOOM

5. LAWMAKERS RUSH TO PASS BILL TO AID UKRAINE  Congress hopes to get a bill to Obama soon that would provide $1 billion in loan guarantees to Ukraine and sanction those who aided Russia's takeover of Crimea.   CONGRESS-RUSSIA

6. WHAT AN INTERNAL CHRISTIE PROBE MAY REVEAL  The lawyer hired by the New Jersey governor to review a traffic-blocking scandal will reportedly clear the potential 2016 presidential candidate from any wrongdoing.   CHRISTIE-TRAFFIC JAMS

7. WHO GOP HOPEFULS ARE COURTING IN VEGAS   Possible Republican presidential candidates are poised to showcase their electability before deep-pocketed political patron Sheldon Adelson.   THE SHELDON PRIMARY

8. CHARLOTTE MAYOR CAUGHT IN STING   Patrick Cannon, a Democrat on the job less than six months, allegedly accepted tens of thousands of dollars in bribes — including $20,000 in cash.   CHARLOTTE MAYOR CHARGED

9. WHO AUTHORITIES ARE MONITORING TO PREDICT FAN BEHAVIOR  Watch what you tweet, sports fans. Security firms are turning to social media to tap into the mindset of a crowd before big games.   SOCIAL MEDIA-FAN BEHAVIOR

10. HOW GWYNETH PALTROW PUZZLED HER PUBLIC  The actress' description of her split from rock star husband Chris Martin as a "conscious uncoupling" confounded many.   PALTROW UNCOUPLING

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