10 Things to Know for Thursday January 9, 2014

10 Things to Know for Thursday January 9, 2014

8:23am Jan 09, 2014
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Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today:

1. NJ GOVERNOR'S OFFICE LINKED TO TRAFFIC JAM SCANDAL  Chris Christie denies involvement in a road shutdown apparently engineered to punish a Democratic mayor.   TRAFFIC MYSTERY

2. OBAMA MAY DIAL BACK PHONE SURVEILLANCE  The president is also considering restricting the NSA's monitoring of foreign leaders as part of proposed intelligence changes.   OBAMA-NSA SURVEILLANCE

3. MEDICS DETAIL HARASSMENT BY TURKISH AUTHORITIES  Several doctors who treated demonstrators during last summer's Taksim Square upheaval tell the AP they were assaulted with tear gas and pressured to reveal the names of patients.   TURKEY-DOCTORS UNDER FIRE

4. WHAT LED TO RODMAN'S OUTBURST  The ex-NBA star apologizes, and says he had been drinking before a TV interview in which he faulted an American missionary being held captive in North Korea.   RODMAN-NKOREA

5. COMPANIES MAKE GOOD ON CALORIE-CUTTING PLEDGE — AND THEN SOME  Some of the biggest food companies in the U.S. have cut calories in their products by more than 6.4 trillion — more than four times the amount they had promised.   CUTTING CALORIES

6. WHERE FORCED ABORTIONS ARE CONSIDERED ACCEPTABLE  The procedures are one way China enforces its population limits.   CHINA-FORCED ABORTION

7. FIRST DEATH FROM H5N1 BIRD FLU RECORDED IN NORTH AMERICA  Officials say the victim was traveling from China to Canada when the symptoms appeared, and that the risk to the general public is very low.   CANADA-BIRD FLU

8. TODDLER PLACED IN PROTECTIVE CUSTODY  A diaper-clad boy who was cursed at by at least three adults and encouraged to curse in a video posted online has been removed from his Nebraska home.   TODDLER CURSED-VIDEO

9. WHICH DAYTIME TV HOST IS A REAL PEOPLE PERSON  Ellen DeGeneres wins her 14th People's Choice award — the most for a female entertainer.   TV-PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS

10. ALL WRESTLING, ALL THE TIME  WWE — following the lead of the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB — is launching an around-the-clock TV network.   WWE NETWORK

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