10 Things to Know for Monday December 30, 2013

10 Things to Know for Monday December 30, 2013

7:24am Dec 30, 2013
Megan Hemphill (Prairie & Co.) via flickr creative commons

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about Monday:

  1. BOMBINGS RATCHET UP FEARS AHEAD OF WINTER GAMES  A suicide bombing on a trolleybus in southern Russia killed at least 14 people, a day after another bombing at a railway station claimed at least 17 lives.   RUSSIA-EXPLOSION

2. WHO'S OBSESSED WITH TRACKING EXPENSES  Documents obtained by the AP show the al-Qaida terror group is serious about financial bookkeeping, with what amounts to a company-wide accounting policy across its many chapters.   AL-QAIDA THE MULTINATIONAL

3. CHECKING IN ON POSSIBLE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES  They may not be running officially yet but there's plenty of action among potential candidates for the next presidential race.   PRESIDENTIAL CHECKLIST-CANDIDATES

4. FEDS KEEP AN EYE ON ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH  While Colorado prepares to be the first in the nation to allow recreational pot sales in the new year, the Justice Department is standing watch.   RETHINKING POT-THE EXPERIMENT BEGINS

5. MICHAEL SCHUMACHER SERIOUSLY INJURED IN SKI ACCIDENT  A doctor says he cannot predict the future of the seven-time F1 racing champ, who is in critical condition following brain surgery after hitting his head on a rock in the French Alps.   SCHUMACHER-INJURED

6. WHERE TEACHERS MAKE HOUSE CALLS  Urban public schools in the St. Louis area are experimenting with sending teachers to homes. But unlike previous programs these visits seek to narrow the divide between teachers and parents.  TEACHER-HOUSE-CALLS

7. CHINA BANS OFFICIALS FROM SMOKING IN PUBLIC  China, which has the world's largest number of smokers, has banned officials from lighting up in public in an effort to get others to limit smoking.   CHINA-SMOKING

8. FEDERAL HEALTH MARKET SURPASSES 1 MILLION SIGNUPS  A December surge gives a boost to the problem-plagued federal insurance market website, the White House says.   HEALTH OVERHAUL

9. WHERE SOME ALZHEIMER'S PATIENTS TURN FOR CARE  Facilities in northern Thailand provide high-quality care for the elderly that's also less expensive than in Europe or the U.S., some families say.   THAILAND-EXPORTING ALZHEIMER'S

10. WHAT'S AS AMERICAN AS APPLE PIE IN VENEZUELA  The nation's fiercely competitive baseball league is in full swing and it's drawing the biggest contingent of American players in decades.   AMERICAN BALLPLAYERS IN VENEZUELA

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