Spring 2024 Fund Drive

Learn about our thank-you gifts and giveaways below

WFDD's Spring Fund Drive is happening right now. When you give, you're supporting so much more than "just radio." Your gift means you can count on the veracity of the news and information you hear. Your gift means you get local news from a team of reporters that live right here in the same community as you. Your gift also ensures that the next generation of reporters is learning the importance of fact-finding, and journalistic integrity. You make WFDD a place to connect with familiar places and fresh faces; a home to explore new ideas and old environs. Listener support powers all this and more.

We believe that everyone should have access to trusted information and that everyone in our community deserves a voice; make your gift now because you share that belief. Thank you!

WFDD Plant a Tree $60 one-time or $5/month

We're honoring Earth Day starting on April 20th.

We'll be at the Earth Day Fair at the fairgrounds in Winston-Salem so, come say hi to our staff and enjoy the Earth Day Fair! When you make a one-time gift of $60 or a Sustainer gift of $5/month from April 20th - April 22nd you'll be able to select to have a tree planted in Pisgah National Forest as your thank you gift from us.

Together we can plant a WFDD grove in Pisgah!

Make your one-time or new Sustainer (monthly) gift now, or upgrade your Sustainer gift here.

Plant a Tree image

WFDD Postcard Set of 20

Postcard Set of 20: $120 One-Time gift or $10/Month as a Sustainer

These postcards represent some of the first community postcards that were produced for the series. We hope you have as much fun mailing these to friends as we had creating the recordings that inspired their designs!

Brighten up someone’s day by sending them a WFDD Community Postcard. This set of 20 postcards have 5 different designs. Each one represents a fascinating real story that took place somewhere in our 32-county listening area. They have a QR code, so whoever gets the card can listen to the story and they are a great way to both support this public radio station and also the lost art of penmanship.

Make your one-time or new Sustainer (monthly) gift now, or upgrade your Sustainer gift here.

WFDD Postcard Image

WFDD Shirt from our Vault $180 one-time gift, or $15/month


Our WFDD community is rich with creativity and we want to give you a rare chance at receiving one of our past fund drive shirts. You might receive a listener designed shirt created by Marissa Joyce or our 75th anniversary baseball tee.

How it works:

When you give a one-time gift of $180, $15/month or upgrade your sustainer gift by $3 or more you'll select the size and we will hand pick a shirt from the vault just for you and send a surprise (shirt) to your mailbox!

SFD24 Shirt

Reporters Notebook's are Back!

Reporters Notebook $240 one-time or $20/month

Back by popular demand! The reporter's notebook is 100% made in the USA, features a quote from one of WFDD's founders and a special insert that tells WFDD's history. We can't wait to see what you write in your reporter's notebook. Whether you write a story idea or a long grocery list let us know what you come up with!

Make your one-time or new Sustainer (monthly) gift now, or upgrade your Sustainer gift here.


SFD 24 Notebook

WFDD's Bundle: a set of our Community Postcards, a WFDD t-shirt from the vault and a Reporters Notebook! $600 or $50/month

Can't decide which thank-you gift you'd like? Give $600 or $50/month and receive all of these great WFDD items!

  • The postcard set represents some of the first community postcard stories. You'll receive 20 cards, 4 of the 5 original designs.
  • The WFDD shirt from the vault comes in unisex and women's sizes. You pick the size and someone from our staff will hand pick your shirt.
  • The Reporter's Notebook is a beautiful sapphire blue, made in the US with our logo in a silver letter pressed design.

Make your one-time or new Sustainer (monthly) gift now to get your WFDD Bundle!

Bundle SFD24

WFDD Spring 2024 Giveaways

As always, we've got some fun giveaways happening during the 2024 WFDD Spring Fund Drive! Here's what's coming:

a/perture Film with Friends

One winner will be chosen on April 27th at 9am. The winner will receive a film pass for themselves and 15 friends to screen a Saturday matinee film with WFDD staff in the petit theater at a/perture in Winston-Salem. There will be a moderated discussion after the film led by a WFDD staff member. Popcorn and drinks will be served!

Read the official giveaway rules here