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  • 11:53am May 04, 2013
    World News World News

    On Mexico Trip, Obama Maintains Economic Focus

    President Obama is in Costa Rica to discuss regional cooperation and security with regional leaders. This follows talks he had in Mexico with President Enrique Pena Nieto. During his two-day visit, Obama tried to steer the focus away from contentious issues like immigration and drug violence.
  • Dave Matthews' rain-soaked set at Jazz Fest 2013.
    Courtesy of Skip Bolen
    11:53am May 04, 2013
    Music & Culture Music & Culture

    At Jazz Fest, Photographers Have A Culture All Their Own

    Some of the most iconic images of New Orleans musicians have come from its annual Jazz & Heritage festival — thanks to the scores of photographers who crowd the apron of the stage, vying for the best shots. Eve Troeh, of member station WWNO, tagged along with one of them this year.
  • 5:01pm Apr 29, 2013
    World News World News

    Bombing Suspects' Chechen Roots Weigh Heavy On Nation's Refugees

    NPR's Eleanor Beardsley talks to Chechen refugees living in France, and hears how they're reacting to news of of the recent Boston Marathon bombings. There are some 10,000 Chechen refugees in France and Germany, and upwards of 25,000 in Austria.
  • 8:17pm Apr 27, 2013
    World News World News

    Egyptian Activists: Our Religion Is None Of Your Business

    Violence between Muslims and Christians in Egypt, which has only increased since the revolution, is prompting public debate about religious identity. To try to ease tension and de-emphasize differences, one group of Egyptians wants to remove religious labels from national ID cards.
  • 3:57pm Apr 27, 2013

    Gathering Of Presidential Lineage Celebrates U.S. History

    In a rural Ozarks town, the descendants of America's most revered historical figures are gathering for the Marshfield Cherry Blossom Festival. The DNA of over 30 past presidents will be present, including that of presidents Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and Truman. Jennifer Davison of KSMU radio reports.
  • 3:57pm Apr 27, 2013
    Politics & Government Politics & Government

    Congress Acts On Flight Delays, What's Next?

    It appears Congress decided not to leave town while airport delays pile up. The Senate miraculously approved a measure to restore funding for air traffic controllers, and the House followed suit on Friday. Considering this turn of events, could other sequester interventions be in the offing?
  • 3:57pm Apr 27, 2013

    Athlete Brings New Meaning To 'Taking One For The Team'

    Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon considers the story of Cameron Lyle, a varsity athlete at the University of New Hampshire. Mr. Lyle forfeited his final season on the track team in order to donate his bone marrow to a 28-year-old cancer victim he's never even met.
  • 3:57pm Apr 27, 2013

    Does Syria's Alleged Use Of Chemical weapons 'Cross The Line?'

    Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon talks with Vali Nasr of Johns Hopkins University about allegations that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its own citizens, and whether this crosses a "red line" drawn by the Obama Administration.
  • New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks at a news conference at City Hall  on April 25. The billionaire mayor has been spending from his personal fortune to provide a "political counterweight to the NRA," his policy adviser says.
    Spencer Platt / Getty Images
    3:57pm Apr 27, 2013
    National National Politics & Government

    Bloomberg Aims His Money At Gun Control Opponents

    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems determined to become the formidable adversary the NRA has never had. The billionaire mayor is spending from his personal fortune to help defeat lawmakers who voted against gun control proposals last week. His first target: Democrat Mark Pryor of Arkansas.