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  • In 2005, Lance Cpl. Travis Williams lost his squad to an IED. He was the only survivor.
    3:52pm Jun 04, 2013
    World News World News

    Sole Survivor: Iraq Rescue Mission Ended In Tragedy

    In our latest installment of the StoryCorps Military Voices Initiative, we hear from Lance Cpl. Travis Williams. In 2005, while serving in Iraq, Williams lost his 12-man squad lost his squad to an IED. He was the only survivor.
  • 9:11am Jun 01, 2013

    How To Speak Teen

    Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon speaks with Canadian linguist James Harbeck about his collection and phonetic translation of annoying teenage sounds.
  • 8:30am Jun 01, 2013

    Charting The Career Of The 'Evocateur' Of Talk

    In the 1980s Morton Downey Jr. practically invented the world of trashy political talk shows. A new documentary, Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie, dissects his rise, his fall and his influence. Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon talks with one of the film's directors, Seth Kramer, about Morton Downey Jr.'s meteoric rise and enduring legacy.
  • 6:39am Jun 01, 2013
    Sports Sports

    Week In Sports: Who Will Face The Spurs For The NBA Title?

    ESPN sports commentator Howard Bryant talks to Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon about the week's top sports stories, including the NBA conference finals, the NHL, and Serena Williams' dominance at the French Open tennis championships.
  • 6:39am Jun 01, 2013
    Politics & Government Politics & Government

    What's On Obama's Agenda With China's President?

    Next week, President Obama will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping at an estate in California. Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon speaks with Ken Lieberthal of the Brookings Institution about what issues the two world leaders are likely to discuss.
  • 1:19pm May 25, 2013
    Books Books Arts

    'Steal The Menu': A Chronicle Of A Career In Food Coverage

    When Raymond Sokolov began writing about food, it was considered a specialty portfolio. Today, celebrity chefs abound in the U.S. and Britain, with cookbooks, TV shows and groupies. Host Scott Simon speaks with Sokolov about his new book, Steal the Menu: A Memoir of Forty Years in Food.