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Radio 101

We are a platform for young voices in our community to explore issues that they are passionate about. From personal reflections to topics of national relevance, Radio 101 provides high school students with the tools to turn their ideas into feature stories. Part of WFDD's Hive, the Radio 101 program allows students to interact with professional journalists, experts from across the country (and the world), and collaborate with each other as they explore and learn about the world around them.

Every semester, a new cohort of students joins the Radio 101 class through our after-school program, and since 2017, Radio 101 has been offered at R.J. Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem, NC, as a for-credit Honors-level class. The stories the students produce air on Mondays during Morning Edition and All Things considered.

We're always looking for students interested in joining our next Radio 101 class. If that sounds like someone you know, register here.

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Meeting Dad

In many societies, the traditional family is a father, a mother and children. But there's a generation of children who don't really know their fathers. This is the experience of guest commentator Denita Wade. She shared it while participating in WFDD's Radio 101 program.

Going Home Again

Krystal Dean participated in Radio 101 in 2011 while attending Carver High School in Winston-Salem.  She shares her experience of coming home to a family she barely knew after years living at the Masonic Home for Children.

Proud To Be A Panther

Tiffany McMaillian participated in Radio 101 in 2011. In this story Tiffany talks about her high school James B. Dudley High School and the support and encouragement she receives there.