Kairoff at the Keyboard

First Fridays during Morning Edition, All Things Considered and Performance Today.
Hosted by David Ford

Steinway recording artist and Wake Forest University Professor of Music Peter Kairoff has performed as piano and harpsichord soloist all over the world, and he brings his talent, knowledge, and accessible style to 88.5 WFDD during the monthly segment Understanding Classical Music with Kairoff at the Keyboard.

Peter makes classical music engaging, easy to understand, and his passion for the music is infectious. What makes Romantic music romantic? Who was Bach, and what made him so great? What exactly is musical form? Find out the answer to these questions and everything else you ever wanted to know about Classical music but were afraid to ask with Kairoff at the Keyboard, weeknights during Performance Today on 88.5 WFDD.


  • 10:54am Jan 13, 2017
    Arts Arts

    The Baroque Dance Suite: United Nations Of Music

    When you think back on the 1700s, images of stuffy aristocrats standing around in uncomfortable clothing may leap to mind. But you know what they enjoyed even more than powdering their wigs?

  • 10:27am Dec 09, 2016
    Arts Arts

    Happy With Harpsichords

    What if you were to take a metal string, stretch it out taught, and then pluck it with a feather quill? Well, you'd probably hear a soft, twangy sound like a banjo.