Carolina Curious

88.5 WFDD presents Carolina Curious, a series where our reporters find answers to your questions. We want to know what you've always wondered about the place where you live. For example: "Why are there so many hot dog joints in Winston-Salem and so many burger places in Greensboro?" Or, "How did High Point get its name?"

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  • 7:41am Jun 20, 2019
    Economy Economy Transportation

    Carolina Curious: What Happens To Spent Electric Vehicle Batteries?

    Our Carolina Curious series continues with a look at what may be the future of roadway travel: vehicles that run on electricity. 

    WFDD listener David Kaplan says, "I’m concerned about batteries that are used in hybrid and all-electric cars. Since they can’t be recycled, where do they end up? Are they in landfills?"