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  • Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo fields reporters' questions after meeting with residents of a Jakarta slum. Recent polls say Widodo is currently the most popular choice for Indonesia's president in 2014.
    Yosef Riadi for NPR
    7:24pm Dec 26, 2012
    World News World News

    Jakarta's New Governor Seen As A Rising Star

    Most Indonesian leaders have been generals or bureaucrats who came to power by building patronage networks, not by providing services to citizens. But Jakarta's new governor, who has been in office only a few months, has already won widespread popular support.
  • 4:26pm Dec 25, 2012

    The Bittersweet Tale Of An Odd Christmas Cookie Sandwich

    When we asked listeners to tell us what they ate on Christmas Day, we found a lot of commonality — puddings, cookies, egg nog — and a few quirks, including a drink called a "Holiday Harvey," and an odd Christmas Day sandwich made of biscuits, salami, cookies, and butter.
  • 4:22pm Dec 25, 2012
    National National

    Instead Of Celebration, Christmas A Time For Solace In Newtown

    In Newtown, Conn., Christmas is very different this year, a little more than a week after the shooting at an elementary school. Eight families that attend St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church lost children to the tragedy. Parishioners came to Christmas masses there seeking solace, and priests gave a message of hope and comfort.
  • 4:20pm Dec 25, 2012

    Study: Red Noses Help Reindeers Cope With Polar Air

    It turns out Rudolph wasn't the only reindeer with a bright red nose. All reindeer have red noses, and a new study in the British Medical Journal explains why. Their noses are packed with lots of blood vessels to warm cold air on the way in and soak up heat from their breath as they breathe out.
  • Illustration: a superhero flies while reading a book.
    Nishant Choksi
    4:20pm Dec 25, 2012
    Books Books Arts

    Graphic Novels That Flew Under The Radar In 2012

    It's been a great year for high-profile comics creators, producing landmark works destined for many "Best Comics of 2012" lists. But what about the lesser-known artists and their work? Glen Weldon points to outstanding works that haven't gotten the attention they deserve.
  • Illustration: Sushi made of books
    Nishant Choksi
    4:20pm Dec 25, 2012
    Books Books Arts

    Recipe Rebellion: A Year Of Contrarian Cookbooks

    The rebels, rule breakers and renegades who rule this year's Top 10 list aren't looking for a Ph.D. in Traditional Cooking. They're pleasure seekers whose books are filled with quirky facts, gorgeous pictures and ingredients deployed in unexpected places.
  • The Chipmunks, left to right: Simon, Theodore, Alvin.
    Courtesy of the artist
    6:37pm Dec 24, 2012
    Music & Culture Music & Culture

    Another Year, Another 'Christmas With The Chipmunks'

    Like egg nog and advent calendars, Christmas songs pop up everywhere for a month and then disappear, only to be repackaged and resold 11 months later. Some of the biggest-selling and most frequently reissued holiday music of all time comes from three animated rodents.
  • Ronan at 2 years old. "I know Ronan's purpose in life was to shed light on this disease," says his mother, Maya Thompson. "This is why I will continue to fight for childhood cancer for the rest of my life."
    Courtesy of Maya Thompson
    6:00pm Dec 24, 2012
    National National Health & Safety

    Finding New Meaning In The Loss Of A Son

    Maya Thompson's son Ronan died of cancer three days before his fourth birthday. During his illness, she began a raw and sometimes angry blog that drew millions of readers. Thompson has since started a foundation and is funding clinical trials to find a cure for childhood cancer.
  • 5:18pm Dec 24, 2012
    World News World News

    No Breakthrough In Sight For Peaceful Transition In Syria

    Amid continued bloodshed in several parts of Syria, international envoy Lakhdar Brahimi held another round of talks with President Bashar Assad in Damascus. But there was no sign of progress toward a peace deal.