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  • 4:31pm Jun 29, 2017
    Politics & Government Politics & Government

    Change My View On Reddit Helps People Challenge Their Own Opinions

    Four years ago, a Scottish teenager set out to do the impossible: cordon off a space for measured, civil conversation between people who believe different things — on the Internet! Now there are over 300,000 members of the Change My View subreddit. The founder talks about the surprising rules he had to implement in order to make the space work, and a researcher tells us who discovered a kind of agree-to-disagree inflection point by studying the group.
  • 4:31pm Jun 29, 2017
    National National Politics & Government

    GOP Lawmakers Denounce Trump's Tweets Attacking 'Morning Joe' Hosts

    President Trump insulted TV host Mika Brzezinski in vulgar terms on Twitter. Republican lawmakers denounced Trump's comments as they try to stay focused on their agenda. It's a familiar pattern that occurs when the president tweets.
  • 4:31pm Jun 29, 2017
    National National

    Shadow Brokers Group Leaks Stolen National Security Agency Hacking Tools

    Last August, hacking tools were stolen from the National Security Agency. Now, those tools are being used in a number of cyber attacks around the world, and there's mounting pressure on the NSA to do something. NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Nicole Perlroth, who has been covering this for The New York Times.
  • 4:31pm Jun 29, 2017
    National National Politics & Government Health & Safety

    Democrats Push Back On Senate Republican Health Care Bill

    Many Democrats were encouraged that Republicans had to push off their vote on a Senate bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, in the midst of vocal opposition from the left.
  • 4:31pm Jun 29, 2017
    National National Science Economy Environment

    Researchers Analyze Economic Impact Of Climate Change In The U.S.

    A team of scientists and economists claims they've come up with the most thorough analysis of the cost of climate change in the U.S. Most of the country will suffer economic loss in addition to higher mortality from heat waves and loss of agriculture productivity by 2100. But like all predictions far into the future, this one has a wide range of outcomes and could be overshadowed by new technology still to be invented.
  • 4:29pm Jun 29, 2017
    National National Science Environment

    Maryland Farmer Fights To Keep Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Alive

    The Chesapeake Bay cleanup depends heavily on farmers taking steps to keep runoff from entering the bay. But the Environmental Protection Agency's plan to help them do it has been controversial. NPR's Ari Shapiro talks to one Maryland farmer who changed his mind about the EPA efforts to clean up the bay.