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  • 6:34pm Feb 03, 2017
    National National Politics & Government

    Advocates Fear Trump's Stance Against Media Will Block Flow Of Information

    News organizations have objected to what they see as the new Trump White House's rhetorical stance against journalism. But transparency advocates say there's a larger concern: the potential constriction of the flow of information to the public.
  • 4:37pm Feb 03, 2017
    Arts Arts

    Commercial For Nicer Living: The Gift Of Doing Nothing

    All Things Considered asked listeners to send us suggestions for radio ads that promote the best things in life that are free, and then we turned five submissions into radio spots. Today, we hear a Commercial for Nicer Living that champions the gift of doing nothing.
  • 4:37pm Feb 03, 2017
    Sports Sports National Politics & Government

    Political Divisions Could Put Damper On Super Bowl Merriment

    Atlanta and New England face off in this Sunday's Super Bowl in Houston. The big game offers a massive party in the host city. But the current political divide could ruin the fun leading up to game day.
  • 4:37pm Feb 03, 2017
    National National Politics & Government

    Week In Politics: Iran Sanctions, Supreme Court Nominee

    NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with political commentators E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and Brookings Institution and Kristen Soltis Anderson of The Washington Times. They discuss the Trump administration's sanctions on Iran, Trump's Supreme Court nominee and new executive actions signed this week.
  • 8:15am Feb 03, 2017
    National National Politics & Government Education

    2 GOP Senators Break With Party On Betsy DeVos Confirmation

    The nomination of President Trump's choice for education secretary could come down to a single tie-breaker voted cast by Vice President Pence. Democrats and two Republicans oppose DeVos.
  • 7:33pm Feb 02, 2017
    National National Economy Politics & Government

    Financial Industry Groups Fear Trump Will Block Investor Protection Rule

    The financial services industry is hopeful that President Trump will move to delay and perhaps overturn an investor protection rule put in place by the Obama administration. The rule requires that financial advisers act in their clients best interest when it comes to their retirement accounts. It has been widely supported by consumer groups, unions and financial watchdogs. The financial industry lobbied against the rule saying it would have unintended consequences and created too much paperwork to make it worth it for advisers to work with small clients.