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Listen to your radio enough and you’ll start to notice “patterns” in your favorite shows. Even when there is just one topic dominating all of our conversations, each show has a unique way of talking about it. Morning Edition and All Things Considered will tackle the “big picture” by talking to experts and analysts. Shows like This American Life will instead show you how everyday life is impacted by this issue. Radiolab will instead try to show you an unexpected side of the story. If you have noticed these nuances, it means that you’re a true public radio fan and it means that Radio Camp is for you.

What happens during Radio Camp for Grown-ups

Think of this as a practical experiment on audio storytelling. Each week, we’ll go over a step in the production process. From ideation, to planning, to gathering sound, to writing, to editing and mixing. You will have the chance to hear from WFDD reporters about the ins and outs of producing a story, and you will be able to meet producers from all over the country. Not to mention that you will be introduced to a group of people that share your love for public radio and good stories. 

In a sentence, Radio Camp for Grown-ups is what you make it out to be. But we can guarantee one thing: You will step out of your comfort zone and you will never listen to the radio in the same way.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Do I have to produce a story to participate?

A: Nobody is going to force you to do anything. However, we do believe that the best way to truly understand how the stories you hear on the radio come to life is to try to put one together yourself. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Q: Can I do a story on anything I want?

A: Now, this is tricky. Yes, the sky’s the limit when it comes to story ideas. BUT, the bigger the story, the more time it takes. So, during Radio Camp for Grown-ups, we’ll start really small and once you conquer that, then you can move on to bigger things. You’ll be amazed at how you can find great stories in everyday conversations.

Q: Can I work on my podcast or personal project?

A: We love that you have ambition and a passion for audio. We really do. During Radio Camp for Grown-ups you’ll pick up skills that are going to help you with your podcast or personal project. However, you have very limited time to finish your story so we ask that you focus your efforts on the specific assignments that we give you. 

Q: Will my story air on WFDD?

A: We look forward to airing the stories produced during Radio Camp for Grown-ups. However, for a story to air, it needs to fit the format of the show (Morning Edition) and meet our editorial standards. Meaning that just because a piece of audio was produced during Radio Camp for Grown-ups, it is not guaranteed to air.

RC grown-ups room

The schedule for Radio Camp for Grown-Ups will be:

- March 9th, 10:30am: Introductions and Planning

- March 16th, 10:30am: Equipment and Interviewing

- March 23rd, 10:30am: Front-end editing

- March 30th, 10:30am: Work on stories

- April 13th, 10:30am: Script-writing

- April 20th, 10:30am: No Class

- April 27th, 10:30am: Final Meeting/Listening party


Only 15 spots available.

  • WFDD sustainer: $125

  • Non-sustainer $200

Ready for this?