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  • 7:46am Sep 15, 2019
    Politics & Government Politics & Government

    Democrats Divided In Colorado Senate Race

    Colorado is expected to have one of the most closely watched 2020 Senate races. The entry of former governor John Hickenlooper into a crowded Senate primary field is dividing the party in the state.
  • 7:46am Sep 15, 2019
    World News World News

    Migrant Women Face Mental Trauma

    Many migrants coming to the U.S. to ask for asylum fled violence and political strife at home. This mental toll is largely going unaddressed.
  • 7:46am Sep 15, 2019
    Books Books

    Carolina De Robertis On 'Cantoras'

    NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with Carolina de Robertis about her new novel, Cantoras, which traces the lives of five queer Uruguayan women whose lives are threatened by a brutal dictatorship.
  • 5:20pm Sep 08, 2019
    World News World News National

    Trump Calls Off Afghanistan Peace Talks

    President Trump says he has called off peace talks with the Taliban, just as the president says he was ready to meet with the Taliban and the president of Afghanistan at Camp David.
  • 12:05pm Sep 08, 2019
    Music & Culture Music & Culture

    My Signature Song: 'Moon River'

    Bill Canning, of Fayetteville, Ga., shares his signature song, "Moon River," as sung by its co-writer, Johnny Mercer.
  • 11:55am Sep 08, 2019
    World News World News

    Former Diplomat On Afghanistan Negotiations

    NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks with former Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan James Dobbins about the canceled peace negotiations with the Taliban.
  • 11:54am Sep 08, 2019
    World News World News

    Assessing The Damage In Marsh Harbour

    An untold number of people died in Marsh Harbour, Bahamas, during Hurricane Dorian. For those who survived, the grim task continues about trying to learn who lived and who died.
  • 11:51am Sep 08, 2019
    National National Education

    Whistleblower On MIT And Epstein

    NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with Signe Swenson, a whistleblower who revealed the extent of Jeffrey Epstein's involvement in donations for MIT.