The city of Greensboro is holding a public meeting on the use of surveillance cameras to discuss the use of cameras downtown and ones worn by police officers. It will also focus on how collected video footage can be accessed by the public.

The Greensboro police department wants to add a new tool to help patrol the downtown area. The plan is to install 21 high-tech surveillance cameras in several locations. Police say the system could help them gather potential leads after a crime and act as a deterrent.

But several city council members have voiced concern, saying the cameras raise privacy issues for those who live downtown. They also question whether or not the video captured by police would be released for public use.

This comes nearly a year after the Greensboro Police Department started using body-worn cameras. Right now, the city doesn't really know if or when it should release video to the public because there are no specific state laws addressing it.

During the hearing on Tuesday, Greensboro City Attorney Tom Carruthers will lead a panel discussion on the topic of public records laws. A group of attorneys and community leaders from various organizations will field questions from the audience. Residents can also submit their questions online and through social media.

Earlier this month, city council decided to table the surveillance camera issue and revisit the proposal to address all of these concerns.




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