Finding fresh, organic, locally grown produce can be hard to find if you don't have easy access to a local farmers market. Becky Zollicoffer is the creator and owner of Let it Grow Produce, a local business dedicated to providing organic and farm fresh produce for the community. Radio camper Una Wilson has the scoop.

On a hot, sunny Wednesday morning, I met Becky in the green grass of the Wake Forest Quad. She wore a red flowery skirt, a brown blouse, and a warm and enthusiastic smile. I asked Becky what her inspiration was for Let it Grow Produce.


I really wanted a new career, a few years ago, and my grandparents were both farmers, on both sides of my family, and I had grown up around farming, and I had evolved into wanting to eat naturally, and have all my food from local providers, so I had an inspiration to start the store.

I then asked Becky what her goal is for her business.

My goal is to provide local, pesticide, chemical-free food to everyone in the community.

  Later on, she told me a little more about her grandparents' farm. 

My grandparents raised cattle. In addition, they had a vegetable garden [and] they had fish ponds. I had horses growing up, and I just really learned to love that type of life. Every weekend when I was a child - we would spend the week in the city - and then on the weekends we'd go down and visit them in the country. So I did everything from clean[ing] fish, to flick[ing] bugs off vegetables, and shell[ing] peas. I did it all.

To learn more about Becky and Let it Grow Produce, go to For 88.5 WFDD Radio Camp, I'm Una Wilson.

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