SciWorks, the science and environmental park of Forsyth county, is a scientific museum in the city of Winston-Salem. This year, SciWorks will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. Recently, WFDD Radio Camper Lauren James interviewed Paul Kortenaar, the Executive Director at SciWorks.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Kortenaar and speak with him about the museum. Initially, I was a bit intimidated by Paul. At a height far above five feet, he towered over me, but over the course of our interview, Paul revealed to be a gentle giant who was very passionate about his job.

I love working with the public. I love the fact that the job I do helps put a smile on kids' faces when they come in with their family. 


Paul also discussed some of SciWorks overall goals as an organization.
SciWorks has three main goals, one of which is to work with families and school kids to introduce these skills that children will require in order to be innovative later. One goal of SciWorks is to convey the science that's happening here in Winston-Salem or in the Triad to the citizens here. And then finally I think we have a responsibility to get people involved in actual science.

We also talked about a new interactive exhibit called Tech City that shows how SciWorks has evolved in the last fifty years.
You actually have to build a dam, and we don't tell you how to do that. We just provide the river and provide the materials, but you have to figure out how to dam the river, and that poses the problem and then it asks you to become an engineer and actually think of a solution. 


SciWorks hosts educational programs, summer camps, and other fun activities. For more information, visit For 88.5 WFDD Radio Camp, I'm Lauren James.

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