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Strange Ranger, 'Rain So Hard'

The more that the members of Strange Ranger dress like the cast of Trainspotting, the more its music sounds like it would have appeared on the 1996 movie's soundtrack.

Sofia Kourtesis, 'Madres'

The electronic musician takes the shape of an angel standing on the shoulder of a dancer, whispering in their ear that they can never stray too far from home.

Bands at SXSW are calling for better pay

Bands chosen to play at South By SouthWest in Austin get paid just $250 while organizers are making good profits. Musicians are speaking out about needing more money as exposure at the festival is no longer as lucrative.

Louder Than A Riot: Season 2

In hip-hop, unwritten rules have forced Black women and queer artists to fight for space. Can the genre's rule-breakers push their way to the center, while pushing the culture forward?