Make an Estate Gift

One way for you to support 88.5 WFDD is to leave us a bequest, a gift made via your will or trust. This type of gift allows you to continue to use the property you will leave to us during your life. There are different types of bequests. You can leave a specific bequest, involving an asset such as real estate, a car, other property, or a gift of a specific dollar amount. Or, you may make a residual bequest, leaving a percentage of the residue of your estate to WFDD. There are no limitations on bequest gifts. They may be made for a general or specific purpose. All bequests are exempt from federal estate taxes.

In order to make a bequest, you should speak with your attorney. All bequests to 88.5 WFDD are handled through Wake Forest University. If you are interested in making a bequest to WFDD, please complete the information below. We will follow up with you to assist you with bequest language that will ensure your gift supports WFDD in the way you envision.