WFDD Love Month is here with Love Mug Stops in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and Boone!

February is Love Month, and we want you to stay cozy with our gorgeous hand thrown pottery Love Mugs designed by local artist Pam Taylor!

OMG, that's awesome! How do I get my very own Love Mug? 

1. Make your gift now online, or make your gift in-person at one of our Love Mug Stops. 

The Love Mug you've always dreamed of can be yours with a new Sustainer gift of $15/month, one-time gift of $180, or by upgrading your current Sustainer gift by $5 or more per month.

2. Pick up your mug at our Love Mug Stop in Winston-Salem, Boone, or Greensboro.

3. Once you select your mug at one of our Love Mug Stops, your inaugural cup of regular brewed coffee or tea is on us, thanks to our partners at Krankies, Espresso News, and Melrose Coffee.

Get my Love Mug!                    

Sustainer Upgrade

Please join us at one of our stops, and pick out your very own Love Mug or make a donation in any amount to receive a cup of drip coffee or hot tea thanks to our partners. We can't wait to see you. ❤️


P.S Can't make it to one of our Love Mug stops?

No worries at all! You can still get your Love Mug—while they last—with your one time gift of $180 or make a new Sustainer gift of $15/month or upgrade your current sustainer gift by $5/month or more. If you're unable to pick up your Love Mug in-person, send Julien an email: and she'll have it shipped to you!


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